Fort Carson Commissary

Fort Carson Commissary
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Program Title: Night and Day Shelf Stocking, Receiving / Storage / Holding Area Services, Custodial and Residual Grocery Services at the Fort Carson Commissary, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Description: Government Contract providing all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and services necessary to perform night and day shelf stocking, RSH, custodial and residual grocery services at the Fort Carson Commissary. The residual grocery portion of this contract includes the following services: replacement of all shelf labels, stocking vendor items as required, stocking and maintaining fresh eggs daily, cleaning egg displays and racks, stocking all tobacco and smoking cessation products, replacing promotional signage throughout the Commissary (including best value items), replenishing coupon pads throughout the Commissary, providing price verification for all items classified as Grocery Department items, providing price verification for all Off Shelf Display locations throughout the Commissary, providing temperature checks of refrigerated display cases, usage of the refrigeration alarm systems, ensure specific lighting throughout the Commissary is shut down properly at the end of each day and providing medical food inspections for each incoming delivery of merchandise.

We employed 35 people at this location providing services at the Commissary 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Fort Carson Commissary is considered a large military grocery store with sales in excess of 39 million per year. We perform the day and night stocking which requires us to stock over 750,000 cases per year.

Contract Number: DECA08-02-C-0006

Contract Type: Firm fixed price

Planned Period of Performance: 01 August 2002 through 31 July 2007.

Contracting Agency: Defense Commissary Agency

Name and Telephone Number of Government Agent:

Mary K. Scogin/Jerry Roebuck
Defense Commissary Agency
Midwest Region
3000 AFCOMS Way
Kelly AFB, TX 78241-6132
Telephone: (210) 925-5924
Fax: (210) 925-0107