Over 7 Years

Awards Received Over Seven Years Old

Contract Type Year
Hacienda Guest Lodge Guest Lodge and Bowling Alley 1997-2002
Fort Hunter Liggett Outdoor Recreation 1997-2002
Fort Lewis Commissary 1997-2002
Fort Carson Commissary 1996-2001
The Hacienda Restaurant 1996-2001
Holloman AFB Commissary 1995-2000
Idaho State School Hospital Housekeeping 1993-1999
Davis Monthan AFB Commissary 1990-1999
Patrick AFB Vehicle Operations Maintenance 1994-1998
Black Canyon Dam Landscape Maintenance 1994-1998
Mountain Home AFB Oasis MFH Phase I 1997-1997
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Grounds Maintenance 1994-1997
McChord AFB Commissary 1990-1996

Custodial Services

Lowry Air Force Base
Aurora, Colorado

Program Title: Base Wide Custodial Services for Lowry AFB, Colorado.

Brief Description: Government Contract providing labor, equipment, tools, chemicals, supervision and other items or services necessary to perform Base Wide Custodial Services for Lowry AFB, Colorado. The square footage requirement totaled 1.3 million square feet divided among 86 buildings spread over the entire base facility. It also included over 500,000 square feet for the Air Force Finance Center Headquarters. This high visibility building had a population of 25,000 personnel and contained many high security and/or Top Secret clearance areas.

Contract Number: F0560087C0058

Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price

Performance Period: 01 October 1986-30 September 1991

Period of Performance: 01 October 1986 -31 March 1991: (Difference resulted from an 8A contractor requesting the Lowry Contract. When W. Harris could not show substantive negative impact due to the loss of the contract, our performance was truncated and the contract was awarded to the 8A contractor.

Contracting Agency: Department of Defense-US Air Force

Name and Telephone number of Government Agency:

Gail Tinianow
Operational Contracting Division
LTTC/LGC, Building 349, RM 3200
Lowry AFB, Colorado 80230-5320
Telephone: (303) 676-2871

Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee, Washington

Program Title: Janitorial Services for Grand Coulee Dam

Description: Government Contract providing janitorial and maintenance services at the Grand Coulee Dam, located in Grand Coulee, Washington. This contract involved janitorial performance on a large scale (1.25 million square feet) involving the purchase of necessary chemicals, maintaining employees on a rotating shift and insuring effective quality control procedures. Areas to be cleaned included administrative areas, restrooms, high-frequency tourist display areas over most of the 1.25 million square feet, machine workshop areas, heavy industrial areas and other office spaces, window cleaning up to 15 stories was also provided.

Contract Number: 8-CS-10-09030

Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price

Period of Performance: 01 October 1987-30 September 1992

Contracting Agency: US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Name and Telephone number of Government Agency:

Dale Gaston
Bureau of Reclamation
Box 043-550
West Fort Street
Boise, Idaho 83724-0043
Telephone: (208) 378-5106

Additionally we were awarded custodial service contracts for the following government buildings and agencies:

Federal Building, Moscow, Idaho
Lower Granite Dam, Washington
Dorshack Dam, Idaho
Forestry Building, Ketchum, Idaho
Bureau of Land Management, Boise, Idaho
Forest Service Building, Battle Mountain, Nevada

Forestry Maintenance

US Forest Service Contracts involving tree planting, thinning, tree maintenance, gopher control, erosion maintenance and general grounds maintenance.